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Screwdriver, Wera Maintenance

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From Germany, this Wera Screwdriver is, by far, the best screwdriver we have found for use on the Singer Featherweight sewing machine -- even better than any gun-smithing tool set!  (We have tried many and most tips bend or break or strip the screw.)  What makes these particular screwdrivers different from all others is the superior quality in the manufacturing, composition, and the proportionately long shaft.  Moreover, the handles were designed with a mold that is perfectly suited to the hand, corresponding to the muscles in your fingers and hands, enabling you to achieve a better grip and apply more strength.  When attempting to loosen a screw, the torque of turning any screwdriver (ratchet, bits, etc.) naturally goes to the point of least resistance.  This is usually the very tip of the screwdriver (or bit) or head of the screw itself.  However, with the Wera Screwdriver, the extra long shaft absorbs the torque, and the shaft keeps twisting like a giant spring until the screw breaks loose. 

Because of this design, these screwdrivers are very effective in enabling most anyone to tackle machine maintenance.  Don't be surprised if you hear a little "snap" as your screwdriver makes that first turn of the hard-to-remove screw!  They are especially useful for screws that have been stuck for years, varnished with old oil and grease.