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Landauer - The Mending Directory

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Do you want to make your favorite clothes meaningful and give them new life? Are you intrigued by alternating stars and zigzag stripes? If so, join super-mender Erin Eggenburg as she shows you how to work over 50 fabulous stitch patterns for visible mending. An inspiring guide to eco-conscious, sustainable fashion, The Mending Directory offers 50 modern stitch patterns and sashiko visible mending designs to inspire you to repair your clothes in stylish and trendy ways without having to consume more clothing. This 144-page collection of hand-stitched and darned patterns is organized by skill level from beginner to expert, and each includes step-by-step instructions and a gorgeous photograph of the finished pattern. With designs ranging from geometric grids—including diamonds, zigzags, and chevrons—to those in a looser, nature-inspired style such as dandelion clocks, rainbows, and windmills, this is the perfect source of inspiration and instruction for every mending project.