Your Dog NEEDS This Coat

Your Dog NEEDS This Coat

Brrrrrrrr (ruff). It's cold outside. When temperatures drop, your furry best friend (or fur-baby) may need a coat for more than just canine couture (though fashion, of course, matters). 

According to the American Kennel Club, small and toy dogs, shorthaired breeds and lean-bodied breeds with short hair, dogs that sit low to the ground, breeds with longer hair that is kept clipped or shorn (think: poodles), and senior dogs all need to be protected from extreme weather. 

Yes, that's right, your little buddy needs a coat! For small dogs with a girth measurement of 20" or less, we love "The Dandy-Doo Totally Reversible, Totally Adjustable Jacket for Small Dogs" from Art East. 

It’s snug and quilted to keep pups warm and fully reversible to keep them stylish!!!  

The following fabrics are doggie-approved for cute coats -- unanimously chosen by dogs whose taste we trust: 

Dear Stella's Camo in Ocean or Forest — Send your size-challenged pup out to play with confidence. Not only will camo signal that s/he's tougher than s/he looks, but s/he'll also be totally on-trend. 

Windham Fabrics' Ooh La La Oodle Dogs — Your fabulous poodle deserves the French treatment! Whether yours rocks a puppy cut or something fancier, no poodle (or poodle mix) should be without a poodles-wearing-berets coat! 

Birch Fabrics' Doggie Dots — This woven poplin is perfect for quilting, and who can resist a cute puppy, let alone dozens? Your doggie will be the most popular pup on the block! 

Windham Fabrics' Gingham in Blue, Red, or Black — Simple yet eye-catching, this fabric practically screams, "I’m adorably classic and instantly Instagrammable." Or, ruff ruff, ruff ruff ruff ruff. 

Robert Kaufman Fabrics' Americana from Chow Time — A dog wearing a hot dog coat is adorably silly enough to brighten everyone's day even when the weather is at its dreariest. And think of all the complimentary cat calls (no pun intended), "Hey, that's some hot dog you have!"


Moda's Bicycle Bunch Lime — For dogs who love attention (and who doesn't), this bold colored print will ensure all eyes are on them. 


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