Wondering What to Wear? We Can Help!

Wondering What to Wear? We Can Help!

If your 2020 was anything like our 2020, you probably spent most of it in your pajamas, sweatpants, and gym clothes.  


But, now that the end of the long pandemic tunnel is (hopefully) finally within sight , we're starting to dream of days and nights spent outside our own four walls and trading in our "comfy" clothes for something a teensy bit more fashion-forward. 


Don't get us wrong. We've grown way too accustomed to elastic waists and stretchy fabrics to fathom squeezing back into fitted clothes every day.  But after all this over, we do look forward to wearing clothing incapable of doing double duty as our PJs.  Do you feel us? 


If so, we're betting these patterns and fabrics will be right up your alley. Each makes for a contemporary, stylish look while retaining the essential mix of ease and comfort, and if you start sewing soon, you’ll be ready to get dressed when we’re ready to go out: 

The Wilder Gown — Minimalist and easy-to-sew, we love this kaftan-style dress that offers plenty of wiggle room without being too voluminous. Make it long or short, with long sleeves or short sleeves.  

Luna Pants — Loose-fitting with a tapered leg makes these as comfortable as sweats but a lot more composed. Dress them up or down depending on the fabric you choose and how you style them. 

FEN Dress + Shirt — Casual, simple wardrobe staples with a comfortable yet flattering fit. Choose your hemline and neckline for endless variations. 

Archer Button Up — This loosely fitted button-up shirt with long sleeves makes a perfect base garment for any wardrobe and features two different cuff options. A great weekend project for beginners!

Cottage Shirt — We love this loose-fitting summer top. With its tailored collar and stand, back yoke, and other fashion details, you can wear this shirt from day into evening. 

Sew them all with Warp and Weft fabric, designed by Alexia Abegg of Ruby Star Society. This new collection of 28 yarn-dyed woven fabrics leans heavily on color and geometric design, making it super easy to create your mix and match wardrobe.