Why We Quilt

Why We Quilt

Do you ever feel frustrated when quilting and begin to wonder, “Why do I quilt?” When I become frustrated, confused or even at my wits end, and begin to think, why do I bother?!? It happens to me from time to time. When that happen, I pull out this heartfelt message that I came across years ago, and it reminds me why I love quilting.

What Makes a Quilt So Special – by Debbie Anderson Searles

“Surely, when the final stitch is entered and laid to rest, only a quilter can know the feeling of pride soaring within her soul.  She has the contentment of knowing that a long, hard journey has come to an end.  She has conquered a challenge, and through her own patience and endurance, has created a loving work of art.  It may well live on long after she has finished her walk upon this earth.   Perhaps what makes a quilt so special, is that pride a quilter knows – that deep in her heart she knows – some distant future generation might gaze upon her quilt or touch its fragile threads, and still feel the love and care that she has sewn in every stitch.”

We turned it into an 8.5 x11 poster that you can print and hang near where you quilt to remind you why you quilting brings you joy. You can click the link above or the image below to download the PDF and print it.