What's Your New Year Res-sew-loution?

What's Your New Year Res-sew-loution?

Yeah, yeah, of course, we resolve to exercise more and eat healthier in 2021. After all, how hard can it be to do more than not doing either of those things in 2020?  

But seriously, let's get down to what's REALLY on our minds. As we look forward to what will hopefully be a happier and healthier new year for all, here's what we resolve to do sewing-wise: 


This year, I want to actually devote time to sewing for my family and for myself! Before I know it, time gets away from me, and there's no time for sewing (or me)!  I resolve to try to sew (possibly) a few hours a week. 


I resolve to be more patient with myself! Doing so will help inspire me to try something sewing new, which I also resolve to do! 


My goal for 2021 is to make my first quilt with my daughter. It's time to start passing on the tradition!


I will finally organize the craft room in my "new" house (we moved in in April)! This is the year! 


I have two quilts in progress that I resolve to finish THIS YEAR! I started them both in 2019. It's time! 

What are your sewing resolutions for 2021? Let us know! Help inspire us and our sewing friends and family!