What You Need to Know to Start Sewing Your Own Baby Clothes

What You Need to Know to Start Sewing Your Own Baby Clothes

Amidst supply chain issues and sustainability concerns, sewing your own clothing has become more popular.  

In addition to reducing your fashion footprint and saving you money, sewing baby clothes for your little one is a bonding and rewarding experience. Think: #madewithlove&positiveintentions 

And while sewing your own baby clothes may seem a little intimidating, it's so much easier than you think! For starters, most babies are small and relatively shapeless, and their lack of curves and tiny clothing means your projects will come together much more quickly than you may be used to sewing adult-sized clothing! 

If you're ready to sew your baby's clothing, we're here to help. Let's start with the basics you need to know: 

First, fabric. You'll want to select breathable, soft, and comfortable materials, in addition to being adorable, of course. Organic cotton fabric is a popular choice for baby apparel -- it's soft and gentle against baby's skin while also being highly absorbent, so your little one stays dry. Knit fabrics stretch, making them another comfy choice for wriggling, wrangling babies. Be careful using synthetic fabrics -- especially in hot climates -- since they don't breathe as easily. Don't be afraid to re-use/repurpose existing clothing (including your own) and scrap fabric -- it's a great way to go green or create heirloom pieces!  

Second, patterns. From timeless rompers and classic baby bubbles to "haute couture" like swing tops and bloomer sets and overalls, there is no shortage of seriously adorable baby clothing patterns out there to choose from for all skill levels. Be honest with yourself about your sewing skills -- better to sew simple well than complicated poorly so your baby is comfy and happy, and you get the most use out of whatever you make. 

Third, tools. Your basic sewing must-haves are the same tools you need for baby clothing sewing. There's no need to invest in loads of fancy new tools or expensive machines. You'll need a solid pair of fabric shears (no, not your kitchen scissors...), straight pins or clips, needles for knit and cotton fabrics, plastic snaps for leg opening closures (so much easier than button and buttonholes!), and elastic. 

Last, safety. While it may be tempting to adorn your creations with embellishments and bling, always keep in mind who you are sewing for. Don't add anything that can be torn off and accidentally chewed or swallowed. And make sure clothes fit correctly. Babies' clothes should be snug, so proper measurements matter! 

Sewing baby clothing is fun and rewarding, and the more you practice, the better your creations will be. Sign up for one of our baby clothing-making classes or a private sewing lesson to help get you started!