What do people who like to sew do on New Years Eve? 

What do people who like to sew do on New Years Eve? 

 If you are exhausted, full, and tired of family and friends. (NOT ME!)  I usually don’t do much on 12/31 of any year.  I love being home with my Hubby and doing small things together.  Just to throw this out, he is an early to bed type of guy.  When I feel like I have spent enough time with him, I hurry to my sewing space. (Alone at last)  

Now what do I do?  Christmas is done.  How about some planning for 2023?  What would I like to do / accomplish this year. If you haven’t set any sewing goals for 2023, let me get you started.  Knits are not my favorite sew.  I just don’t know what to do with them.  My Grand, Evelyn loves when I make her gowns out of fun prints.  But that’s a no brainer.  What else can I possible do with knits to challenge myself. 

 Last year I fell in LOVE with bag making.  Maybe I can do something with paper piecing this year. 

Maybe you just need to tackle your fabric stash. How about we have a Stash Party.  Invite a few GOOD (you don’t want anyone laughing at what you have stashed away) sewing friends over.  Entice them with wine and cheese.  You can always take stock and plan at any time of year.  But wouldn’t it be more fun to do it with a little bit of good bubbly and some fun friends. 

Or perhaps take time to learn how to better fit my own clothes.  I have not tried the self-measuring tape. I always to ask for help.  Problems arise when you live alone, or hubby goes to bed early.  The other thing I need to replace is my fabric scissors.  We recommend the Gingher Dress making shears.  They are a fine quality and can be sharpened many times.  After I get / replace these notions.  I’ll be ready to undertake a new pattern.  Cold weather is here for another few months. A jacket would be the perfect New Year project.  The Deer and Doe Patterns - Nénuphar Jacket might just fit the bill.  I just know I have nothing in my Stash so what fabric to use?  Think I’ll use Chambray.  It’s a nice medium weight fabric and can be paired with just about anything.

Wow lots of decisions to be made, but we made a great start to 2023 planning.  On to the important part of this e-mail.  My special recipe.  This is one I have made for many years after Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Chicken Tetrazzini !  Instead of using chicken I use all the leftover turkey.  Such a homey, delicious meal.  

Until next time.

Susan & Karen