What are fabric panels and what do you do with them?

What are fabric panels and what do you do with them?

A fabric panel is a design printed on fabric that is to be used as a whole piece, not cut into fat quarters or other sizes.  A picture of a tree, a bouquet of flowers or a licensed character are some examples. Some panels are considered “cheater” quilts, since you can easily just layer a panel with batting and backing, do some machine quilting and voila– a quilt! Panels are also made to be cut apart to make dolls, plushies or quilt blocks. Usually when a panel is designed to go with a group of fabrics, there are projects to go with it from the manufacturer. 

Fabric panels range from approximately 24” to 36” wide and 42” high. They are easy to use and inspire your next creative project. Many sewing panels come in kits. This makes them simple to purchase, make, and give.  

Now, unique ways to use fabric panels:

  1. Use the panel as the center medallion of a quilt by adding numerous borders
  2.  Consider using the panel for something other than a quilt. You'll find tote bag patterns at Pink Sand Beach Designs.com .
  3. How about using them as a great way to practice your free motion quilting.
  4. One of my favorite go to idea guru is Melissa at Pokadot Chair.  She has fun ideas.  
  5. You can also use fabric panels in garments such as shirt backs or a dress skirt.  Just make sure the pattern on the panel is the correct size for the pattern piece.

This is my 2 cents worth on fabric panels and what to do with them. Happy sewing and come visit us in NOLA.