Trend Alert: Handmade Quilted Clothes!

Trend Alert: Handmade Quilted Clothes!

We are totally obsessed with handmade quilted clothes! Fall’s hottest trend! Just how hot are quilted clothes? This week alone, Rihanna's beau, ASAP Rocky rocked quilted, couture, and Doja Cat’s quilted dress (which the press quickly dubbed the night’s most memorable look) stole the show at the 2021 VMAs! 

Truth be told, we like our quilted clothes just a tad more traditional than RiRis’s and Doja’s. No, we're not talking about your old run-of-the-mill quilted coats from decades passed, but rather, one-of-a-kind quilted coats you can make by piecing together old quilts. 

Not only are these statement-making beauties beautiful, warm and cozy, there’s also an incredibly creative way to breathe new life into old quilts. And when temperatures drop, who isn’t fully on board with bedding you can actually wear outside the bedroom??

Quilted coats purchased online cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. But we’re betting you have an old quilt or two at home just begging to be reused!  

Let us help you get started with Laundry Basket Quilt's Beachcomber Quilted Jacket Pattern. It uses classic quilt blocks making it literally the perfect canvas upon which to create a statement piece for your wardrobe. 

Are you ready to fall in love with a coat? 

And while you’re at it…why not make a quiltastic new coat for your favorite pooch! The Dandy Doo Dog Jacket can be made for small or large dogs, it’s fully reversible, easy to put on, and will keep your best friend warm all winter long!