Time to Play Dress Up

Time to Play Dress Up

Okay, we'll be the first to admit that we haven't put on "real" clothes since this pandemic started. Let us help those doing the math: we've been in our workout clothes and sweatpants for a little over eight months now. 

Yes, we have been miiiiighty comfortable, but there's no way we'll deny ourselves the joy of dressing up for dinner this holiday season, and neither should you!

No matter how many people gather around your table or over video this year, dress up to mark the occasion. Take and share family photos and selfies of you wearing real people clothes, for a change, maybe even wash your hair!

Holiday dresses have been a long-standing tradition for our gang and celebrating at home won't change this.

Let us help set you on your sartorial sewing path with these patterns and brand spanking new fabrics from Free Spirit!


For Girls

Liberty Fabrics Mabel Tiered Dress

Oliver + S Carousel Dress

Children's Corner Eleanor #3000S 


For Moms

Liberty Fabrics Bertie Shift Dress

Friday Pattern Co. The Wilder Gown



Free Spirit - New Joy Maize

Free Spirit - Agate Blue

Free Spirit - New Buttercups Plum

Free Spirit - New Locket Grape

Free Spirit - Animal Purple