Think Sewing Isn't for Boys? Think Again!

Think Sewing Isn't for Boys? Think Again!

Long gone are the days when dolls were the domain of little girls, and only little boys played with trucks and trains. 

 The same goes for all kinds of hobbies, activities, and sports — from soccer to sewing! Thank goodness! 

When you think about, many of the world's most influential and most celebrated tailors and fashion designers of all time are men! How great would it be if your little guy grew up able to design a phenomenal wardrobe for you?

Let us help you help him get excited about learning to sew! 

Find projects that interest him. What are his hobbies or favorite clothes? Does he like fishing? Teach him how to make a sewing vest. Or if he loves dinosaurs, teach him how to sew a pillowcase or bean bag chair made with dinosaur-themed fabric. Or if he loves Legos, teach him how to sew a pouch to hold the pieces, or if cargo shorts are his thing, teach him how to sew a pair.  

Let him select the fabric. Regardless of what he chooses, TRY to say yes. Or have him pick a yard or two of a few favorites and you "help" him decide which will work best. The goal here is to encourage his interest by letting him choose something that "speaks to him."

Pay attention to his attention span. Keep sessions short while he's getting the hang of things — 30-45 minutes max. And don't make him continue sewing once his attention span has run out. You want to associate sewing with fun and not make it feel like a chore.  

Keep calm and remain patient. Boys and girls learn and develop differently. Your little guy may need extra help pinning or cutting or may ask a lot of (sometimes irrelevant) questions. If he chooses colors that make your eyes weep, and his pinning and cutting are a little askew, shrug it off and gently guide him. If he grows frustrated, it's game over, and that will be a real shame. 

Teaching your boy to sew can be a fun, rewarding, and bonding experience that will not only teach him a range of important skills but could be the catalyst for a lifelong love of sewing so...thread lightly!  

To get your son sewing, check out our upcoming kids sewing classes!