The Ultimate List of Summer Sewing Projects

The Ultimate List of Summer Sewing Projects

The Ultimate List of Summer Sewing Projects  

It’s summertime; the perfect time to hit the beach, picnic in the park, swim in the pool…and get sewing! 

With less stress (we hope), longer days, and lazy weekends, summer is a great time to get sewing and we have the ultimate list of summer sewing projects — and the perfect fabric for each. So let’s dive in: 

Splash-Proof Phone Case in our Zuma Whitecaps Glowfish fabric

If you’re planning to be near water this summer — and who isn’t? — and you can’t bear to be without your phone — and who can? — then sewing a splash-proof phone case for yourself is a no-brainer. Make one using vinyl and our very bright orange and magneto Zuma Whitecaps Glowfish fabric and not only will your phone be protected from splashes and sand, you’ll always be able to find it inside your bag! 



Summer Tote Bag in our Sightseeing Unbleached fabric

Make a tote bag large enough to hold your towel, e-book (or actual book), water, handy splash-proof phone case, and anything else you’ll be toting around this summer. Featuring passport stamps and icons from faraway places, our Sightseeing Unbleached fabric will have you feeling transported, even if you only make it to the neighborhood pool! Fair warning: this fabric has been known to cause severe wanderlust. 



Picnic (or Beach) Blanket with Corner Pockets in our Fruitopia fabric 

A picnic blanket with pockets that shelters and hides your stuff, and in turn, your stuff hiding in the pockets weighs down your blanket? Genius! Sew one using our Fruitopia fabric, and then take comfort knowing that being near healthy food is almost the same as eating healthy food— as you snack away on picnic treats.  



Travel Neck Pillow in our Kumo Blue fabric

Start your vacation on the plane! Sew your own neck pillow using our cloud-inspired, relaxation-inducing Kumo Blue fabric in dreamy shades of blue and you’re sure to catch some zzz’s. Your neck will thank you…and it will appreciate your style!  



Swimsuit Cover Up in our Navy Blue Seersucker

No fabric says summer more than seersucker. This classic fabric is durable and dries quickly, which makes it perfect for the beach or pool. And since it’s meant to look wrinkled and you don’t have to press it, it makes for the perfect travel companion to boot! Make a tunic-style cover up in our Blue Seersucker and it can do double duty — cover up by day, casual fun outfit by night.