The Perfect DIT (Do It Themselves) Holiday Fabric List

The Perfect DIT (Do It Themselves) Holiday Fabric List

We know the type because we are the type! There's not much we can buy that we wouldn't or couldn't make ourselves! Long live DIY! 

For the makers in your life, give them the gift the fuels their creativity and passion! Fabric! 

Here are our favorite fabrics for the most popular DIY projects: 

For draperies — We love our canvases, which are rich in color, super durable, and deliver a casual, modern window treatment that they'll want to hang in every room!

For bedding — Our linen and linen blends will keep your DIYers warm in the winter and cool in the summer and, their texture is divine! They'll never sleep better! 

If cotton is more to their liking, our quilting cotton becomes nice and soft with continuous washing. 

 For tote bags — For a tote bag that will hold up well even after many trips, and trips through the washing machine, you'll want to gift them quilting cotton or canvas

For holiday dresses and special occasions — If your special someone wants to make something special, we recommend cotton-lawn or rayon fabric since both drape well and feel great.  

 For children's holiday clothing — Our holiday fabrics are so cute, you'll want to give them now, so outfits are ready in time for the holidays. If we recall, Santa always says, "Cuteness comes first."