The Hottest Home Bar In Town

The Hottest Home Bar In Town

Whether we’re talking Sazerac, Ramos Gin Fizz, or Hurricanes, New Orleans is undoubtedly the spiritual home of the cocktail. 

But, with bars shutting down again, our renewed appreciation for happy hour at home is, well, through our roofs. And when it comes to home bars, we here in New Orleans are old pros. 

In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find a New Orleanian home without at least one sacred space: a basic bar set up and ready to make every hour happier. 

Beyond stocking our bars with inspiring spirits and barware, we love to bring the bling with small flourishes that match our decor and personalities. We recommend the following fabric accessory ideas to help your houseguests feel at home, and your stuck-at-homers feel like they're out! 

For cocktail napkins that class up any joint: 

Ruby Star Society - Flurry - Gift Wrap

New Vintage - Plaid, Tiffany

Warp Weft Wovens Stitch

Wish - Carrie Bloomston – Woven Gray


For bar towels that wipe up beautifully:  

 Anna Maria - Honeycomb Sunset

Anna Maria - The Classics - Guava

Stitched By Alison Glass - Cross Stitched

Bokeh Lattice Rosewood

Paint Pot - Blue


For bartender vests/aprons that will earn you the tips you deserve!

 Michael Miller Fabrics - Lemon Drop - Cream

 Michael Miller Fabrics - Mother’s Little Helper - Black