The Countdown is on

The Countdown is on

Ok a week to go!  Cookies made, casseroles in freezer, and I have lots of the ingredients for a scrumptious eggnog.  Since my second favorite hobby is complete, time to take stock to make sure I’m not missing anything in the Santa department.  

During this week, I have “Santa” come to my house to visit my Grands Isn’t he wonderful.  This is Evelyn sharing all her wants and desires with the “real” Santa.  As he leaves, he always asks me if I have any last-minute things I need to do.  Fortunately, it usually is not a long list because I love spending the last few days with family and friends.  How about you.

As I count you as a special friend maybe I can help you with any last-minute gifts that you need.  If it is a guy, how about a handkerchief?  They are easily made and make a wonderful gift (for a girl friend also).  Just add hand embroidery monogram and you have a very special gift.  What fabric do you use?  Any soft 100% cotton is what you want.  I have linen that I purchased just for this project.  Don’t use anything with polyester it will not be absorbent.  Sort-of defeats the purpose.  “Brilliant Idea” if you have a new baby in the family or close friend, do a handkerchief every Christmas.  Make it special and put the year in one of the corners!

Another idea is a pretty lanyard.  Great for anyone that has that extra key they need to keep handy.  Isn’t that ANYONE!!  Takes just a few minutes and you will see smiles all around.  

Around the shop we have the Poorhouse Quilt Design – Jiffy Mitt.  Just a couple of fat-quarters is all the fabric you need.  Remember to use insul-Bright Insulated Lining inside your potholders.  Kitchen items make such pretty and useful gifts.  

Now if you need an inexpensive gift for a young person, sew up a few of our panels.  We have panels for all ages and interests. 

I KNOW, your mouth has been watering since I mentioned Eggnog.  So here is my tried-and-true Recipe.  I promise you


1 1/2 C sugar if wanting low carb use 3/4 c sugar and 3/4 c Allulose 

4 eggs, can use pasteurized 

2T Vanilla 

1 Quart Half and Half I use horizon

2 C whipping cream, I use horizon 

1 Quart 2% milk 

Beat eggs for 1-2 minutes. Slowly add sugar about  1/4 c. At a time. Beating for about 1/2 minute at a time. Add vanilla and all milks.   

If using raw eggs mix by directions above except withhold whipping cream and cook mixture as custard. Chill and lightly whip cream ( not stiff peaks and fold into eggnog. 

I put a Fresh nutmeg on side a whiskey on Side


Talk to you next week, (Don’t put too much NOG in the eggnog)

Susan & Karen