The Back-to-School Supplies You Can Sew for a More Productive School Year!

The Back-to-School Supplies You Can Sew for a More Productive School Year!

Back-to-school shopping ain't what it used to be. Now that technology rules the school (and everything else), your kiddos need more than pencil cases, folders, and book bags. 

Our newest generation of students needs next-generation essentials to keep on track, and we have the patterns and fabric you need to sew them the ultimate organizers. Read on:

Sallie Tomato's Leanne Laptop & Tablet Sleeve  — An Information Technology worker by day and a textile artist at night, designer Leanne McGiveron knows a thing or two about protecting your laptop or tablet. This pattern's simple construction makes it easy to sew, and the clever design doubles as a mouse pad when the sleeve is open. 

By Annie's Netbook Computer Carrier  — Why buy an expensive laptop carrier when you can DIY your own! The simple, easy-to-follow pattern produces a bag that's roomy enough to hold their laptop, iPad, notebook, and folder! 

Noodlehead's Buckthorn Bag  — A zippered backpack that's also a tote with a divided interior to keep everything your child needs tidy, organized, and easy to find. 

We recommend these three fabrics for their durability, usability, and style for the laptop sleeve, computer carrier, and backpack!  

CircleZip's Earbud Pouch Tutorial — You want to avoid your child's earphones tangling, breaking, or worse of all, going missing. That will be a lot harder to do if they're kept securely inside this handy earbud pouch that smartly attaches to their key ring or computer bag. 

 Leafy Treetop's DIY Cord Keeper — Everything has a cord these days, and there's no getting around the jumbled mess they cause sew these adorably practical cord keepers, that is!  

Factotum of Arts' iPhone/iPad Stand — At last, an iPhone stand you can sew that's as darling as it is functional. We're particularly pleased with the power cord holder

 We recommend Michael Miller Fabrics' entire STEM Squad collection for these supplies (and, frankly, everything). Designed by Edward Miller,  the STEM Squad Collection features, you guessed it, science, technology, and engineering in the most adorably inspiring ways. Ideal for subtly encouraging future scientists and engineers.