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The 12 Most Essential Sewing Tools

Karen Flournoy

Posted on December 28 2018

The 12 Most Essential Sewing Tools

The 12 Most Essential Sewing Tools

Whether you’re a longtime sewist, or a new sewist in the New Year, there are twelve essential sewing tools I keep in my sewing toolkit at all times. These indispensable tools will be helpful during every stage of your next sewing project...I promise!

  1. Fabric Scissors: Per their name, these scissors are made for fabric. A sharp pair of scissors will help you avoid wanting to quit before you even turn on your machine. These come in all price ranges.
  1. Acrylic Fabric Ruler:A see-through ruler made for cutting fabric will help you cut straight lines. I prefer a 6″ or 6.5″ wide by about 24″ long ruler. This will suit all of your needs, although there are many different sizes to choose from.
  1. Rotary Cutter:A rotary cutter will help you cut straight lines when paired with your ruler and cutting mat. You can even cut out curvy lines if you roll slowly.
  1. Self-Healing Cutting Mat:Use this cutting mat to protect your table/floor while cutting and preserve your rotary cutter. These aren’t just for quilters.
  1. Safety Pins: You’ll use safety pins to thread elastic through a casing for an elastic waistband, or to keep a quilt sandwiched together while you quilt.
  1. Straight Pins:Look for the kind of pins with colorful heads. These are more noticeable while you are sewing and will help prevent you from accidentally sewing over a needle (or stepping on a stray one!).
  1. Pin Cushion:You’ll store your pins here, so they stay off your floor. A magnetic one is handy for picking up any loose pins!
  1. Sewing Machine Needles:It's so important to have extra needles. If you happen to break one, you want to make sure to have another one on hand! Universal needles will suit most of your needs. Use the 90/14 for slightly heavier fabric or the 80/12 for a bit lighter fabric. You most likely you won’t notice a difference now. 
  2. Erasable Marker: Erixon Pens are heat erasable and are super helpful for marking your patterns. 
  1. Seam Ripper: It happens to everyone. Eventually you will need to take your stitches out because you messed up. A seam ripper will help you do that without ruining your fabric.
  1. Snips: Once you use these tweezer like tiny scissors, there is no turning back. You will wonder how you ever survived without them! 
  1. Sewing Gauge: A small ruler for quick measurements. 

Whether you're working on a simple tote bag or an intricate quilt, these 12 essential sewing tools will come in handy during every stage of your sewing project. Stop by the shop today for your sewing essentials, and we'll be happy to help you get started with a sewing toolkit!


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