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THAT’S SEW MARDI GRAS: Why Mardi Gras is a Great Time to Give Sewing a Go!

Karen Flournoy

Posted on February 08 2019

THAT’S SEW MARDI GRAS: Why Mardi Gras is a Great Time to Give Sewing a Go!


Are you having trouble pulling the trigger on your New Year’s Re-SEW-lution? Did you get a sewing machine for Christmas and every time you think about getting it out of the box, your heart starts to pound, and your palms get all sweaty??

 Fear not! Mardi Gras is a great time to try your hand at sewing! You can start with something easy such as reusable napkins or a tablecloth. Then, as you get more comfortable and confident with your sewing, you can move on to sewing a costume for Fat Tuesday. Remember, sewing should be fun, not frustrating, and what’s more fun than sewing something silly? When sewing costumes, the intimidation level is zero since costumes don’t need to be perfect…you can even make mistakes part of the finished product! Have fun with your costume, be patient, and be forgiving…and remember, the seam ripper is your friend… it’s normal to use it frequently.

 As you progress and learn more skills, you can move onto slightly harder projects. Maybe you want to learn to quilt? Maybe you’re dreaming of sewing clothing? There are so many possibilities and a lot of fun techniques to try out as you progress. You’ve got this! You can learn to sew, and you can enjoy the learning process! We promise that with a bit of practice and patience, you’ll be sewing like a pro in no time!

 Visit our website at https://chateausew.com for more information on sewing classes!

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