Susan's Tips: Yep, it's Getting HOT! Fabrics that are Cool Like AC!

Susan's Tips: Yep, it's Getting HOT! Fabrics that are Cool Like AC!

How important is keeping cool and comfortable when the weather is anything but? If you ask our fellow heat-and-humidity-dwelling friends or us, it's everything! 

While air conditioning is an obvious fix for summer heat, it's not a grab-and-go solution! To keep your cool when temperatures rise, the fabric you wear matters. We recommend avoiding (at all costs) tighter knit, heavyweight, or synthetic fabric. Instead, opt for loosely woven, lightweight materials made from natural fibers. Your best choices? Cotton, cotton lawn, gauze, and linen!

Cotton and cotton-blend fabrics are ideal for the summer months. They're comfortable and versatile, and because they allow air to pass through, they help keep your body cool. From jersey and poplin to voile, there are so many soft and thin cotton fabrics to choose from you'll have no problem sewing a complete set of summer clothing. 

Alternatively, bamboo blends are another excellent lightweight option and are considered a more sustainable choice than other fibers. But be aware — bamboo is often used to make a viscose rayon, which is less environmentally sustainable, not to mention less comfortable in the heat. When it comes to soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric, stick with plain bamboo weaves! 

We are loving this brand new Cevennes Triple Gaze Bambou Pouddre bamboo fabric in soft, delicate summer colors! Visit us online or in the shop to see all of our summer fabrics and stay cool!