Susan's Tips: Why Bad Sewing is Good Sewing

Susan's Tips: Why Bad Sewing is Good Sewing

It’s hard to find the words to adequately or accurately describe my disappointment when my sewing project takes a turn for the worse.

We've all been there. One moment you're cruising right along, sewing a happy tune, then make a mistake or encounter some other roadblock.

While your first reaction may be to quit in frustration, a seasoned sewer knows this is all just part of learning and improving your sewing skills. There's no better way to evolve than making mistakes and learning from them — in life and sewing.

This is especially true if you're an experienced sewer who's taken time off. Jumping back in, you may find your skills are a little rustier than you'd like to admit. Rather than cave to frustration, give yourself the space, time, and leniency to ease back in.

If I've taken time off and dive right back in...BAM. Mistakes! But rather than feel deflated, I push forward and stretch myself, accepting failure is part of becoming a better sewer.

By allowing myself the space to make mistakes and accept not everything has to be perfect, I give myself permission to experiment and use my imagination more. The result: spectacular projects that turned out, perhaps a bit differently, but much better than I thought possible!

That's what I call success out of failure!

I feel about making mistakes sewing what I do about making mistakes in life — as long as I learn something from it, you can't do much better than that!