Susan's Tips: Must-Know Quilting Safety Tips

Susan's Tips: Must-Know Quilting Safety Tips

Summertime is the perfect time for quilting! Long, hot, and humid days when the best place to be is inside, engaged in your favorite hobby! 

But whether you're an experienced quilter or are just starting out, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep fingers and knuckles safe! After all, from rotary blades to hot irons, you are working with a lot of sharp objects! 

For starters, buy cut-resistant gloves and wear them whenever you use your sharp rotary blade. Cut-resistant gloves are made with (you guessed it) cut-resistant material to keep hands and fingers safe, while still providing the fit and grip you need to get the You can opt to wear gloves on both hands or just on the hand you use to hold your ruler in place in case your tool slips while cutting. 

When it comes to avoiding slip mishaps, we recommend using non-slip rulers and retractable rotary blades. Retractable rotary blades offer extra protection and the coating on the back of non-slip rulers grips fabric so it's less likely to slip. You can buy a non-slip ruler or add non-slip dots to your existing ruler -- both do the job! 

Back to your may sound counterintuitive, but sharper blades are safer than dull ones. With duller blades, you're more likely to press too hard, which increases your risk of injuring yourself. Therefore, you should check and change your blade frequently, and dispose of old blades properly -- just tossing them into the trash is ill-advised. 

When working with hot irons, hold your fabric with a seam ripper so you can get your iron as close to the quilt block as needed while still protecting your fingers. The same goes for using your sewing machine. Never use your finger to guide fabric all the way up to the needle! Instead, use your seam ripper!  

Tell me, what did I miss? Do you have any safety tips to share? 

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