Susan's Tips - How Sewing Can Improve Your Health

Susan's Tips - How Sewing Can Improve Your Health

Hey, sewers and sewers-to-be, want to kick 2021 off to a healthy and happy start? Well, we’ve got some good news: sewing is good for your health!  

That's right! In addition to being a valuable skill and fun hobby, and something you enjoy doing, there are also several health benefits to sewing — can’t beat that! 

Now you really do have an excellent excuse to spend weekends working on your sewing projects! Not that you needed one! 

Here are just 10 reasons why sewing is good for your mind, heart, and soul: 

  1. It's relaxing! Focusing on one task allows you to take a little break from all the "noise" around you and truly unwind. 
  2. It reduces stress! The meditative action of sewing encourages mindfulness, which reduces stress and anxiety. 
  3. It makes you feel happier! Sewing is a great social activity. Sewing with friends, meeting new people, and building relationships with folks who share similar interests are proven mood boosters. 
  4. It reduces depression! When you do something you enjoy, your brain releases dopamine, which is a natural antidepressant. 
  5. It provides a sense of accomplishment! Life can sometimes feel like an endless loop of chores, but when you finally finish sewing a dress or skirt you've been working on for a long time, well...hooray! 
  6. It improves your self-esteem! Even incremental improvements in your sewing help boost confidence in other areas of your life! 
  7. It exercises your brain! Sewing helps keep your mind sharp and your creative juices flowing by helping improve brain function, even as you age. 
  8. It improves coordination! Working with tiny needles, threads, and stitches has been shown to help improve hand-eye coordination. 
  9. It reduces blood pressure! The Home Sewing Association conducted a study that showed sewing not only lowered blood pressure, it also decreased sewer's heartbeats per minute. 
  10. It makes you feel good all over! Focusing on a hobby you love helps decrease ailments like fatigue and back pain when you're in the "flow" of things!  

So, is sewing the key to happiness? We think so! Do you??