Susan's Tips: Five Ways to Stamp Out Sewist's Block!

Susan's Tips: Five Ways to Stamp Out Sewist's Block!

I am an avid reader and probably read between three and four books every month, and I often wonder how someone turns out book after book without getting bogged down. 

The same thing has occurred to me about sewists. We finish one project and then begin another, possibly having two or three going simultaneously. How do we not get "sewists block"? And if we do, how do we overcome it?

Through thought and reading about other sewists, I've devised several suggestions for stamping out sewist's block: 

  1. Sew something easy that doesn't take a lot of thinking, planning, or imagination. When I'm stuck, I turn to the easy stuff like a zippered pouch (Quick Zip Case), snappy bag, napkin set, or accent pillow (Moonbeam Pillow) to get me going again. To help you make your move, we have beginner classes at Chateau Sew & Sew Sewing School every month featuring most of these items! 
  2. Give your machine a basic cleaning. Brush out the bobbin area and use q-tips to clean the threading area and a soft, dusting cloth to run over the exterior. This will make you feel as if you are starting fresh.
  3. Grab that new notion you've wanted to try to get your sewing juices flowing, such as Swedish Tracing Paper, Mesh Fabric, Taylor's Chalk, or Gold Stork Scissors. All of these and more are available in our shop.  
  4. Try a pre-packaged quilt kit. These ready-made sets make it much easier to get started since they have everything you need, including fabric cut to the correct size. We're big fans of Tula Pink's "Glam Clam Quilt" and "Pining for You," or Tula Pink- Parisville Déjà Vu- Glam Clam Quilt Kit, or Ruby Star's "Milestone Quilt Kit." Such fun!
  5. And finally, make something new for your sewing room to motivate your sewing muscle. These should help:  Contain Yourself, Kiss Clasp Sewing Box kit, or In Control!

Next time you feel yourself slipping into sewist's block, try one or several of these tips instead! I know you will be back in the groove with a smile.