Susan's Sew-tacular Tips: Clean Your Machine!

Susan's Sew-tacular Tips: Clean Your Machine!

People ask me all the time, "Susan, how often should I clean my sewing machine?"

Many experts suggest you clean your machine every eight hours (I kid you not). But not this expert. Nope. If I had to tear my machine apart every eight hours to clean it, it might just ruin my love of sewing, and we can't have that. 

To preserve your machine and your love of sewing. I've formulated a "clean your machine" routine that not only rhymes, is also super easy to follow: Clean your bobbin area. 

  1. Locate your machine user manual or look on-line if your manual has taken a, ahem, vacation. 
  2. Remove pressure foot and take the throat plate and bobbin case out. 
  3. Use an anti-static brush (about ½ inch in width) or pipe cleaner and gently sweep the area. Dust and loose particles will stick to brush. NOTE: DO NOT use canned air as doing so will push lint and small particles further into your machine and can actually void your warranty!
  4. Return bobbin case and throat plate to their proper place.
  5. Change the needle and replace the pressure foot.

For trouble-free sewing, keep your machine in top-notch shape by scheduling regular maintenance with a certified repair person. Chateau Sew & Sew is happy to arrange this for you. Just drop your machine off at our shop, and we'll take it from there! Call or email us for more information.