Susan’s Tips: Have You Ever REALLY Used a Seam Ripper?

Susan’s Tips: Have You Ever REALLY Used a Seam Ripper?

Have you ever noticed that little ball on your ripper and wondered, why is it there? You are not alone. 

For such a simple but ingenious tool, it's surprising that few of us know how to use all its features.

I used to think the little ball on the shorter point was there to keep us from poking ourselves, but alas, no, the longer point performs that function.

Turns out that, in fact, that little ball is the primary feature in the design of a good seam ripper, and you should never buy one without it!  

Now, old habits die hard, as they say, and even knowing how a seam ripper ball works, you may still cling to old habits, but here's how to use one and why I love using it: 

First, pull your fabric tight. Use the presser foot to hold your fabric or, if you're like me, put it under your leg. This will ensure you don't poke the long point back into the fabric and end up cutting it. Remember, a sharp blade works better than a dull blade, and since rippers usually cost around $5, it's ok to pamper yourself!

Try it a few times to experience how well the little ball works. You may slowly accept using the little ball as it was initially intended.

One way to get started is to cut one stitch at a time. Once you've cut a few stitches, turn it around and use the red ball to be more efficient. That's where the fun begins.

Put the ball under the stitches and gently shove it along the seam line. Remember to hold the fabric taut. This is SEW easy! Happy sewing!