Summer Style

Summer Style

At last! Summer is here! 

While we're all still social distancing, most experts agree being outdoors is relatively safe and good for our bodies and minds. Mother Nature is certainly keeping us sane! 

With warmer weather — here in Nola, it's already downright H-O-T — we're excited for summer fabric that's light, flowy, drapes effortlessly, and breathes. 

Our favorites include:

Rayon's super thin fibers make this fabric highly breathable, which keeps it from sticking to your body. You'll feel cool and comfortable no matter the temperature. 

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for summer. This natural fiber allows air to circulate, so you stay drier. 

Linen's loosely woven texture allows heat to escape, leaving you feeling more comfortable. It is more prone to wrinkling, but it absorbs moisture and dries quickly, so the trade-off is worth it! 

A few fabrics we LOVE for summer: 

Ruby Society's Daydream in Sky. The bold, sweeping colors make the perfect summer dress, skirt, or bathing suit cover-up.  

Merchant & Mills' Monsoon.  This Indian Cotton fabric has the ultimate laid-back summer vibe. We love it for sundresses and blouses. 

Liberty Fabrics' Imagination. As colorful as a summer rainbow. We love this fabric for men's or women's shorts or sundresses! 

Ruby Star's Tiger Fly. Look fierce in a bold statement dress or caftan made with this super-soft, smooth fabric! 

And last but not least, check out these summer-approved patterns: