Summer in NOLA

Summer in NOLA

Some people may flee New Orleans in summer, but not us. We LOVE Nola in the summer, despite the heat (and really…it’s not THAT hot!). In fact, we think Nola’s “off-season” is the perfect time to visit — the city is just a little less crowded, and a whole lot slower, and there are non-stop festivals, parties and fun things to do. 


If you find yourself in town, here are a few of our favorite ways to pass the days! 

“I love to go to City Park with my family.   Woody and Ruby enjoy playing with each other and I just love being with them."  — Kasey


"My husband and I are outdoorsy people.  We enjoy hiking in the evenings at Fontainblue State Park. It’s beautiful, relaxing and peaceful." — Jillian


"I love riding my bike. The perfect evening is a bike ride to get a snowball" — Kate


"Berry picking with the kiddos, then after go for a delicious brunch on the lakefront "— Karen


"Eating raw oysters and drinking champagne on my balcony, while looking out at the Mississippi River and watching the cruise ships docking.  And, sewing something cute for “the BOSS” and watching her face light up!" — Susan


“In no particular order, I like to: stay inside in my air-conditioned house sewing; pick blueberries, make blueberry baked goods, and eat said baked goods; sun bathe in my back yard with sangria or a fantastic bourbon mint punch that I make, depending on my mood; and, invite myself over to acquaintances’ homes who have swimming pools (said everyone who lives in New Orleans and doesn’t have a pool ;-).” — Laura