Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

Are you planning on stitching up for neighbors, postal workers, or you favorite service provider?  Have I got some patterns for you.  Our wholesalers have come up with some wonderful easy to sew FREE patterns for us to share with you.  

Does your favorite hairdresser need a convenient place for all those HOT, HOT curling irons?  We have the perfect solution. The Curling Iron / Hair Straightening Holder by Jeftex is a beginner project and will fit almost any model.  They will be so pleased with your thoughtfulness they might give you a discount (I’m kidding you).  But you will be a favorite customer for sure.

Your favorite neighbors will LOVE you if you gift them with Reusable Shopping Tote.  One of my favorite designers Ruby Star Society has provided us with this adorable shopping tote.  Also a very easy project and inexpensive as well.  Make enough for all your neighbors and I’m sure you will be the star.  

 A gift for anyone, you can even put a small gift inside.  By Modern Studios, the Warp and Weft Gift Bags are fabulous to give so it can keep on giving.  You can make it a holiday themed or birthday.  The endless fabrics to use are endless.  

A we have many patterns you can use for gifts for anyone, who has furry babies  How about from Sallie Tomato, the Buddy Pattern?  Imagine this, your favorite dog person having their own pouch that the pup carries.  The pouch has a zipper, pocket for a treats plus a stash for the poop bags.  It is attached to the baby’s collar by a swivel hook.  How neat is that.  Hands free, great!

The Quick Zip Case by Annie us a great small gift.  It’s not so personal that you couldn’t give to casual friends.  A perfect size to drop in the purse or in a briefcase.  

From Sallie Tomato – Leanne Pattern is a great person who carries a tablet or laptop.  It is a great beginner project.  With a magnetic closure it makes sewing easier and make your equipment secure.

Are you loving this new extra addition to our blogs. Please stop by or email us at and tell us what you want to see or hear about next.  Also please share ALL your project on Instagram use #chateausewandsew #chateausew or #chateausewnola.