Snoball Season is Here!

Snoball Season is Here!

Get it before it melts!

Our exclusive New Orleans’ Snoball-inspired fabric is as deliciously fun and crave-worthy as the real thing…but unlike summer in Nola, this limited edition, one-of-a-kind fabric won’t last long!

Never to be confused with snow cones (as if!), snoballs’ finely shaved ice have been a summer staple in New Orleans since before 1930 and are as iconic to Nola food culture as gumbo and po-boys…only a whole lot cooler.

Created by local designer, Kim Bauer (@elliegaytor), who crowd-sourced the final design and colors on social media, the fabric need to, in her own words, "represent 'our snoball' in New Orleans... something that outsiders rarely recognize."

It is the perfect cotton fabric for tank tops, shorts, skorts, sundresses — any garment that will help you beat the heat. Or sew a super cute fanny pack or tote bag — after all, you’ll need both hands free to eat your Snoball!