Six Snuggly Fabrics that Celebrate Winter

Six Snuggly Fabrics that Celebrate Winter

With at least three more months of winter before us and the rush of the holiday season behind us, January may feel like a slog. 

But there's no better time than January to slow down, lay low, refresh, and get a jump on our new year sewing resolutions! 

So, let's don our warm sweaters, brew up our hot chocolates, and enjoy the lull of this, the first month of 2021, with six of our favorite winter-inspired fabric designs: 

  1. Get off the grid and into the forest with Cotton & Steel's Mountain Skies. We love the cool palette and armchair adventure! 

  2. You can practically feel the snow falling in Cotton & Steel's improbably named fabric, Summer Skies - Ladybug Land. They see ladybugs in summer; we see snow falling on cabins in the forest—must be the January talking. 

  3. Ruby Star Society's Flurry Snow Bears amps up the cute-o-meter to extra high. The adorable bears are all bundled up and ready to play...or be sewn into equally adorable children's clothing, as per (y)our resolution(s). 

  4. Turn your home into a winter wonderland with Birch Fabrics' Winter Wonderland, Good World from Charley Harper design. This feel-good fabric makes for beautiful cushions and pillow covers! 

  5. Cotton & Steel's Frost-Flurry promises the magic of snow without all the mess and dangerous driving conditions. And its bright pink color adds the perfect amount of cheer to clothing or home decor. 

  6. Your kids aren't the only ones dreaming of snow! They're joined by all manner of furry forest friends in Clothworks' Dreaming of Snow. This is the perfect fabric for loungewear and pajamas!