Sewing Gifts for Toddlers and kids

Sewing Gifts for Toddlers and kids

Last week we talked about decorations.  This week we will focus on the most important part of the Holidays, THE KIDS.  With everyone trying to cut costs and still provide great gifts, you can do both with these patterns.    Karen has one goal during the pre-Christmas weeks, she makes one special gift for “THE BOSS” and Jackson.  Last year it was quilts.  I wonder what it will be this year? Hope she reads this blog and maybe she will get an idea.

For children and teens, fixing their hair is sometimes the most grueling part of the day.   A scrunchie project by I Can Sew This is the perfect answer.  Make a few or a lot.  Use their favorite color, animals, or sport fabric.  The choices are endless.  They make great stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts for their friends.  The money saving comes in when you use fabric scraps from your previous projects.  

I am always needing spare beds.  My grands (including “THE BOSS”) love to spend the night with Susie.  Also, they LOVE to bring extra friends along.  It is so much fun.  They eat and watch movies all the while laughing and screaming.  When in need of extra place to sleep or lounge, I have made this super simple by having Kids-Pillow-Beds by It’s always Autumn.  Are you scratching your head?  A pillow bed is pillows connected… Simple, huh.  Great gift for any kid!!

All kids need something to pack all of their stuff.  Whether they are packing for night at Susie’s or carrying a pound of logos.  This drawstring backpack by Craft Passion is just the thing.  Talk about quick, sew some to give away and make everyone happy! For the holidays you can put small gifts inside such as pj’s, stuffies, or more Legos.

This wouldn’t be a blog for Chateau if I didn’t draw your attention to the patterns we carry in the shop for the perfect gift for your kids.  How about Funky Friends Factory – Digger & Dixie Dachshund stuffie?  Is your little one asking for a puppy.  I have had dachshunds for the past 20 plus years.  They are a feisty and great companions.  This one you don’t have to feed or bathe.  Great benefits.

Maybe you have a child that loves dolls.  The Ric rac -Small World Suitcase is the perfect place to store all their babies’ clothes, shoes, and accessories. Plus, with the added benefit of keeping their things neat and tidy.

Another fantastic option is the Fiddlestick Design–on-the-Go Travel Pillow. They can carry their newest read or coloring book.  This fast and easy pillow can travel any where they are heading.  

Please have fun getting ready for the Holidays.  And keep us posted on your progress.  Email us at or visit us at the shop.  Also, please share your projects on Instagram and tag us! We love to see what you are working on! #chateausewandshow