Sewing Gifts for Christmas? Better Hop to It!

Sewing Gifts for Christmas? Better Hop to It!

You will not believe this, but if you are thinking of sewing your holiday gifts, NOW is the time to get going! 

Not sure what to gift to whom? Not to worry! Here are several ideas for gifts I'd love to receive (if anyone's asking, hint, hint), including Christmas ornaments and stockings, fabric trees, and tree skirts. And, we have tons of new  Holiday fabric at the shop and on the way, so visit online at .

Christmas Ornaments

These take very little fabric to make and very little room to store post-holidays. Win, win! 

Mini Christmas Tree Quilt Ornament Tutorial and Folded Fabric Ornaments.


Stockings are a personal favorite! After all, everyone needs a place for Santa to put your little goodies if you've been good (or coal if you've been naughty). 

Elf Christmas Stocking and Super Easy DIY Christmas Stocking Pattern with FREE Beginners Tutorial

Fabric Trees

These trees do double duty as holiday gifts and winter home décor -- that's two gifts for one sew! A forest of fabric Christmas Trees makes a statement on a buffet or dining table and saves a tree.

How to Make Stuffed Christmas Trees and Christmas Tree Pillow Decoration.

Tree Skirts

The most ambitious project is a Christmas Tree Skirt. Store-bought tree skirts can be an expensive present, especially tree skirts made with luxe materials, so this DIY effort is well worth your time.  DIY Plaid Tree Skirt With DIY Pom Poms Tutorial and Christmas Tree Skirt Sewing Tutorial