Sew it With Love

Sew it With Love

Love is in the air! Forget chocolate and flowers. It's time to dust off your sewing machine and make your someone special something special for Valentine's Day! 

Carefully choosing fabric and sitting at your machine for hours to sew even the simplest Valentine's day gift is a great way to show your significant other, parent, child, and friends how much they mean to you.  

We've stocked our shelves with red and pink-hued fabric for sewing projects that will make them fall in love with you all over again: 

Accent Pillows

You'll want to stay in bed even longer with assorted accent pillows in vibrant hues. 

Tote Bags

Sew them a tote bag and stuff it full of small, romantic trinkets — kind of like a Christmas stocking, only it's a tote bag full of L-O-V-E. 

Fabric Flowers

Melt hearts instead of Earth! Help save the environment by sewing fabric flowers instead of sending cut ones. You can make each one the perfect size, color, and shape, and they'll last longer to boot! 

Heart Ornaments

Sew simple ornaments to pass out instead of Valentine's Day cards.  Replace ribbon at the top with a metal ring to give mom a key ring she's less likely to lose (we kid). Or make a baker's dozen and decorate a large plant in your house for your first ever V-Day Tree! 

Set the Table

Make a home-cooked meal extraordinary and festive by sewing a table runner and napkins. 

Boxer Shorts

No idea what to give HIM for Valentine's Day? How about sewing him some hot red boxers? Or if tighty whities are more his thing, sew him some crimson-hued PJs!