Chateau Sew’s New Year Re-SEW-lutions – Yes, You Can!


Around this time each year, many of us set resolutions and goals for sewing. We may even create a plan! But just like our best intentions to start going to the gym five days a week (ahem…), resolutions, goals, and plans are only achievable when they’re realistic and we truly desire to accomplish something specific.

   As a lifelong sewist, here are my tips to keep in mind when setting your sewing resolutions:

1.  Be realistic in scale. You know how much time, energy, and resources you can spare to meet your goals. Don’t take on too much; that just sets you up for failure.

 2.  Choose something YOU want to accomplish. Who cares what your friends are planning to do, what the latest trends are, or what you feel pressured to do. Desiring to do something is half the battle.

3.  Fulfill some real-life needs. Focus on making things you actually need; not on the needs of a fantasy world you don’t actually live. Odds are, you don’t need 10 gorgeous cocktail dresses or formal gowns! It’s way more satisfying, and encouraging, to use what you make.

4.  Understand what motivates you. Is setting one big goal what makes you feel excited, challenged, and happy? Or will accomplishing loads of smaller projects do the trick? Do you like making gifts for others, or is it all about you?

 No matter what your resolution is, it’s always helpful to write down your goal(s) and refer back to this list throughout the year.

 What are your sewing plans for 2019?!?

 i'll start the sharing! Here are mine:

  1. I plan to clean and organize my sewing space.
  1. I plan to take a few classes - there is always something new to learn.

     3. I plan to sew for charity - this always is a rewarding

Talk to you later.