Quilting for the Ages

Quilting for the Ages

Quilting is the sewing together of two or more layers of fabric to create a thicker padded material, and the art of quilt-making is about a billion years old. 

Ok, maybe not a billion, but close. Quilting has been around since the Egyptian dynasty in 3400 BC and it is practiced by communities worldwide. 

If you're a Chateau Sew & Sew fan (and we know you are :-)), then you'll know we here at Chateau Sew are big fans of quilting. 

Quilting has been popular in the U.S. since the late 17th century, and today it is a $3.7 billion industry. 

So, what makes quilting so popular? So beloved that it was this winter's chicest trend

Let us count the reasons: 

  • Quilting is the perfect combination of tradition and personal style — just like New Orleans! With quilting, you follow in the footsteps of those before you and express your own style at once. 
  • Quilting is no longer just for the bedroom. Quilts are now hung as art on walls, and quilted purses and bags, table linens, and as we said, clothing, are everywhere. 
  • Quilts in the bedroom are cozy, comfy, and warm! 
  • Quilts are handed down from family member to family member for generations, fostering memories, and creating traditions. 
  • Quilts make wonderful gifts. Whether made deeply personal or plain, anyone of any age will appreciate the source of comfort and the time and love you put into making it. 

Everyone can learn to quilt, and we're here to teach you how! 

Join one of our upcoming quilting classes:

February 29 - Creative Club (offers several opportunities to try different quilting techniques)

March 25 - Placemats - A Quilting Project

May 2020 Wheelhouse Quilt Club