Pardon our française...announcing NEW DEAR STELLA!

Pardon our française...announcing NEW DEAR STELLA!

From the charm of its cafes, beauty of its architecture, and spectacular food, to its incredible art, culture, and history, who doesn't love the City of Lights?  

 Paris and New Orleans share an over 200-year long history, and their influence is still felt in our city to this day -- in culture, cuisine, geography, and even language! 

And now, you can add fabric to the list! 

We just couldn't resist Dear Stella's new collection de tissus à thème français — voilà: 

Boudoir in Multi — oh la la! The name says it all! The perfect fabric for pajamas or a bathrobe, a dressing room or lounge throw pillow, or even a skirt, if you're feeling frisky! 

Macaroons in Multi — très délicieux! Or, as we say, yummy! This cheerfully colored fabric featuring a macaroon tea party makes a great accent or cushion pillow for the kitchen, or a shopping tote! 

Fromage in Multi — for those who prefer le cheese to le sweets! Spot your favorite(s) on this mouth-watering fabric, perfect for aprons, cocktail napkins, dish towels, and more! 

Wavy Plaid — why do the French always look so put together? This fabric helps! Perfect for dresses, shirts, and more!