Paintbrush Studios Now at Chateau Sew & Sew

Paintbrush Studios Now at Chateau Sew & Sew

We are super excited to introduce you to Paintbrush Studio Fabrics and welcome their colorful, creative fabrics to our Chateau Sew & Sew shelves! 

For those already familiar with Paintbrush Studios Fabrics’ clever and oh so cute prints, lucky you! 

And for the unfamiliar, PaintBrush Studios is a diverse collection of 35 inspiring designers who each bring their unique background, influences, and tastes to their collections. 

We can't get enough of Los Angeles-native (that would be the other LA) Carolyn Suzuki's Friends and Faces Collections, which celebrates all things women. Or, the lucky cats in Teresa Chan's Imperial Garden collection! And that's just the tip of the maker mountain! 

PBS Fabrics are perfect for apparel, accessories, and home decor.

Check them out here!