No Bah Humbugs Here! How We Plan to Spend the Holidays!

No Bah Humbugs Here! How We Plan to Spend the Holidays!

Forget Fa La La La Blah Blah Blahs! Although 2020's been a challenging year, to put it mildly, we're doubling down on happiness to ensure our holidays are all about Fa La La La Yahs!

Here's what we have planned: 


Our family plans to drive-through City Park to see the lights, and we're also going to bake cookies and watch holiday movies together! Of course, I'm sad not to spend Christmas with my mom and dad (first time EVER), but it will be fun to try something different and start a few new traditions! 


I'll be missing my kids! Sad! But I'll spend time reflecting on Christmas past and praying for better Christmases for all in the future. 


I plan on watching as many Hallmark/Netflix Christmas movies as possible this year, and of course, with my cat sitting in my lap!


I plan on sewing as many gifts as possible this year! Plus, lots of family movie nights with hot chocolate!


I'm lucky enough to be able to drive to my family's. There, I plan to cook a lot of food for them and spend a lot of time on the phone and Zoom sending love to everyone I'm unable to see this holiday season. 


I'm excited to stay home and cook through the King Arthur Flour Baking cookbook. And maybe sew something other than masks…

How do you plan to bring the holiday cheer this December? Let us know!