New Year's ReSEWolutions...Ready, Set, Sew!

New Year's ReSEWolutions...Ready, Set, Sew!

All of us here at Chateau Sew & Sew hope all of you out there have had a fun, relaxing, and happy holiday season! We sure have!

With 2020 upon us, it’s time to look ahead and start making plans for what we'll be making this year.

Maybe this year you’ll sign up for your first sewing class, or learn to sew that dress you've had your eye on, or finally organize your sewing room. We'll be with you every step of the way, making and keeping our reSEWolutions right along with you: 


My reSEWolution is to make myself a better sewist and shop owner by taking some sewing classes. And, of course, finish several projects I've started (which I'm sure is a goal many of you share)!  


My goal is to slow down and devote time to sewing. I will schedule time in my week to sew, just like devoting time to working out! 


Mine is to keep my sewing space cleaner (😂😂😂), and in 2020, I will make a quilt.


My reSEWolution is to make a scrap quilt to clean out my scrap bin!


To get better at zippers, to make six articles of clothing for myself (one every two months), and to try EPP - English Paper Piecing.


To finish my first attempt at making a coat, to sew more for other people, and to practice more hand embroidery.


To hand sew a little every week. 


To finish the pair of pants I started!


I want to make sewing a priority. I tend to let other things take my time.