Memories of My First Sewing Project

Memories of My First Sewing Project

What’s the First Thing You Ever Sewed?

For many of us, our first sewing project was something simple like a pillowcase of a potholder sewn in Home Economics or at camp, or for Girl Scouts, 4H, or Brownies. And, for many of us, the results of our first sewing project were not exactly... let's say, spectacular.  

The first piece of clothing I sewed is a funny and sad tale with a great ending. 

When I was 15 years old (many moons ago), and a freshman in high school, it was time for me to select my classes. I choose all the required subjects, of course, but because I loved crafts and making things, I also signed up for Home Economics. 

Our first project was a simple a-line skirt. Easy, right? 

Not quite.

It took me four weeks. Now yes, I know in my previous blog on Making Time for Sewing (Finding Time to Sew), I extolled the virtues of setting realistic goals and working against reasonable timelines, but this was sooooo very slow. And I did an awful job to boot, which I hadn't realized at the time. 

I took the skirt home, and my mom made me take it apart. I learned to rip out real quick! 

Bless my Mother's heart, she sat with me and helped me reconstruct that skirt. Learning from her, being with her, and remembering all she has done for me, I'm grateful. She is such a wonderful example of grace and patience, and with her help, the skirt turned out great! 

Since a-lines are back in style, I plan to make a new one for the holidays with fabric from guess where? Correct! Chateau Sew & Sew! I'm excited to update the style, and remind myself just how far my sewing has come. 

Do you remember the first thing you sewed? Wouldn't it be fun to make it again and see how far you've come? Or maybe teach your little one(s) how to recreate your first project? 

Tell us your story! We'd love to hear it and let us help you select fabric for your do-over this holiday!