Get ready crafters, March is National Craft Month, and we couldn’t be more excited!

 In 1994, the Craft & Hobby Association created National Craft Month to help people rediscover and learn about the benefits of crafting, and as a New Orleans-based shop, which is the crafting capital of the universe, we couldn’t be more on board!

 Learning a craft offers many benefits. Much like meditation, expressing one’s creativity provides stress relief and can lower blood pressure. There’s natural positive reinforcement from learning a new skill. With each new step learned, the satisfaction from gaining the skill is rewarding. And, most crafts require fine motor skills, so crafting teaches young children these skills, and keeps ours sharp as we age.

 This is the month to turn your idea into reality. Chateau Sew & Sew is stocked full of all the supplies you need to get really creative and our roster of classes will have you up and running in no time! We’re here to help!



If you’ve been thinking about learning to sew, take action and sign up for a class. Sewing with a group is not only a learning event, it’s a social event too! Get to know your fellow crafters and neighbors! And, this month we have a variety of classes from beginner to intermediate taught by our very own talented instructors, and guest teachers too!

 Brittany Bumb, author of the popular blog, Untitled Thoughts, will visit Chateau Sew from Atlanta to teach a variety of workshops – from espadrilles to copying your own clothes. 

Victoria Hermansen-Ivey will be in the shop to teach maintenance for your own Singer Featherweight. Learn this valuable skill and you’ll never have to pay for maintenance again. 

Check out all of our class offerings here 

Sew for Charity:

Have you contemplated sewing for a charity? 

Sewing items for charity makes your efforts that much more valuable. When creativity becomes stress relieving and generous, it fills the soul. 

We recently had a booth at the biennial Giving Quilt Event in Gonzales, LA. The Giving Quilt is a public, non-profit organization that promotes the creation and presentation of quilts that provide comfort to children and adults, and works to increase public awareness with this quilt exhibition. This organization was recently recognized by the National Quilters Circle as one of the 10 amazing places to donate your quilt.

We want to use our skills to give back to our community so this month we will be sewing pillowcases that will be given to the local chapter of Ryan’s Case for Smiles. The local chapter will deliver our pillowcases to children at Children’s Hospital here in New Orleans. Here is a link to the guidelines for the pillowcases and a link to the instructions: 

If you want to get involved too, make brightly colored, whimsical pillowcase to be donated during the month of March. Drop your pillowcase off and receive 20% off any purchase of regular priced items at our shop!