It's King Cake Season, Y'all!

It's King Cake Season, Y'all!

Many Americans usher in the New Year with resolutions to eat healthier and lose weight. In New Orleans, we start eating King Cake. Yes, America, it's King Cake Season! 

For the uninitiated, King Cake is one of our favorite and tastiest Mardi Gras traditions. And, while this year we have to do almost everything Mardi Gras-related differently, thankfully, our King Cake tradition remains the same! 

King Cakes, like Carnival Season itself, packs a sensory overload punch. Traditional Louisiana-style cakes are an oval-shaped, braided mix of cakey dough covered in gold, green, and purple icing and sprinkles. There's also a plastic baby inside! The lucky person who scores the piece of cake with the baby inside is said to gain favor (think: like when a bird poops on you), and they are also tasked with bringing a king cake to the next gathering. 

Needless to say, we eat a lot of King Cake, but which one? Ask a dozen New Orleanians, and you'll get a dozen different answers. Everyone has their favorite baker, fillings, and type! Here are ours: 


My favorite is praline. My favorite EVERYTHING is praline. 


Chocolate King Cake from Bittersweet Confections!!!  It's King Cake and chocolate—two of the best tasty treats put together, delish!


I don't know! It's only my second King Cake season! But I'm trying a date kumquat one tomorrow and will report back! 


Antoine's Famous Cakes is my fave. Their filled King Cakes have pockets of filling, so if you just want a plain piece, you can have that too! And they are delicious!


My favorite has historically been Manny Randazzo's praline cream cheese, but I rarely turn down King Cake of ANY king.  


I don't like king cake :( I think they're dry - I'd rather have "Karen's" coffee cake.

What's your favorite King Cake? Let us know!