It's Crawfish Season Y'All!

It's Crawfish Season Y'All!

Alas, King Cake Season is over (our pants are relieved), but do not despair! Next up on Nola's uniquely food-centric calendar (months are so overrated) is Crawfish Season. 

Yes, it's the time of year we bib up and chow down on the tasty little red crustaceans cooked every which way imaginable.  Our annual crawfish festivals (there are MANY) and outsized crawfish boils (ditto) may be on the back burner this year, but crawfish abound in small backyard gatherings and restaurants (following covid guidelines, of course). 

Crawfish are part of Louisiana's history, vital to our state's economy, central to our cooking, and like the Fluer-de-lis and Mardis Gras, essential to our identity. And we have the fabric to prove it!  

That's 8 crawfish fabrics (!!!), all of which you can shop for right here:

We love these fabrics for shirts, children's dresses, shorts, pants, pillows, tote bags, napkins, tablecloths, curtains...err, too far with the curtains? Nah. 

For anyone attending a small crawfish boil, we have the perfect hostess gifts:

Sew in Style's Backyard Caddy - bring the beer, leave the bag! 

Quilt Cadet's Moonbeam Pillow - it takes a while to pick and eat those buggers...make yourself comfy. 

Buckthorn's Backpack & Tote  - ok, keep this one for yourself... 

Mary Mulari's Hipster Apron Pattern - made with crawfish pattern = super hipster