It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas - V

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas - V

It’s HERE.   If you haven’t got it done.  Just pack it up.  The time for celebration is NOW.  This is my advice for the next week.  If you have to cook, take it out of the freezer.  If Child 1 wants a truck and you got him a ball, don’t sweat it.  They won’t care a week from now.   I know because I gave my grandkids Advent Calendars, and it wasn’t exactly what they wanted but the next day all was fine.  Friends, relatives, and Kids are flexible.  (mostly).  

Karen and I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays.  Bless you and all you know.  Just one last thought.

“Quilting is a gentle reminder that even in the chaos of life, we can find peace and serenity.”


Remember to check out Monday the 18th for DIY luggage tags.  Great gift idea.