It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas IV

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas IV

Holy Cow!! It’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas.  If you are anything like me, you are getting in frenzy.  Monday the 18th is my favorite day leading up to the BIG EVENT.  The BIG GUY (aka Santa) makes a special visit to my house in North Louisiana.  I have this event for my grandchildren as well as friends and neighbors’ kids.  Before this can happen I have several things that I need to check off my list. 

Every year I make a handmade ornament for the residents of my Mom’s assisted living community.  We go to each apartment and drop off the little gift.  My mom is such a warm and loving person, she loves to see the delight in her community’s neighbors.   This year we are making Blue Jeans Angels.  Here is the link . They are quick and easy.  Can’t wait to start.   

Next is small gifts for my Bible Study group.  Since I am leaning toward gift cards, let me ask your opinion about these  .  I made some like these last year for the giveaways that we put in each online order.  Did you get one?   I am looking forward to sharing time with my sisters and celebrating the real reason for Christmas.  Hope you find a way to stop and reflect on your blessings.

I know, I  will make progress before next week’s blog is shared.  I’ll let you know.

Susan and Karen


Remember to check out Monday the 11th for Making Gnome Ornaments and come back Monday the 18th for DIY luggage tags made from jeans.  Great gift idea.

Wake up to this wonderful drink Christmas Day.

Christmas Morning Punch


2 cups orange juice

2 cups cranberry juice

1 cup pineapple juice

1 cup ginger ale