How to Make Covid-19 Masks Tips

How to Make Covid-19 Masks Tips

Who could have imagined we’d have a need to sew face masks in America?  It's been incredible to see the sewing community across the country come together to help meet this need! 

Here at Chateau Sew & Sew, we have had requests for masks from local hospitals.  The pattern we’re using for the local hospital is the Face Mask Sewing Pattern from  This mask can be lined with a pocket so that hospital staff can insert additional protective filters if needed. 

Please check with your local hospitals before making masks to ensure this mask meets their specific needs and requirements.

Over the last week, I made close to 50 masks!  

Since I’m juggling this along with helping my kids with school work, I needed to find a way to make the process as streamlined as possible to make the most of my time. The pattern requested by local healthcare workers here in Louisiana is from Craft Passion, which is free and you can find it here.  This version has a pocket in the lining so that healthcare professionals can slip a filter inside, should they choose to do so. 

Please note that 1. healthcare workers where you live may request a different pattern so it’s important to check, and 2. Importantly, we make no claims that these masks will prevent people from contracting or spreading any viruses.  These masks are simply used as backup protection.  

Here are a few ways I’ve managed to speed up the mask-making process:.


  1. Cut everything out BEFORE you begin sewing.  For each mask, fold your fabric right sides together when cutting.  This is the way they will be sewn so it helps to have them already cut and together.  Cut 2 outer pieces mirror image, cut 2 lining pieces mirror image, and cut 2 pieces of elastic 8” each.
    Fabric for Covid 19 Mask and elastic
  2. To save thread (and time) when sewing the masks, I use an assembly line.  I chain the pieces all together and then cut them apart after all of one step is done.  For example, the first step is sewing the center seam. Whether you’re using a serger or sewing machine, you can chain them together - backstitching when you start a new mask and when you get to the bottom edge of that mask.  Then just slide the next one under the presser foot and backstitch and sew the next center seam.
    Sewing Covid 19 Masks
    Sewing Covid 19 Masks
    Covid 19 Mask Sewing
    How to Sew Covid-19 Masks
  3. I do the same assembly line when topstitching the short edges of the pocket lining.  I sew all of the right sides, then flip my chain of masks around and then start the left side.  Once I’ve sewn all of the sides, I clip the masks apart.

Final Step for Sewing Covid 19 Masks at Home

I hope these simple tips will help make your mask making process more efficient!  Please let us know if you have any other tips and tricks that might help others!