How to Bring Your Family Together This Thanksgiving, Even if You're Far Apart

How to Bring Your Family Together This Thanksgiving, Even if You're Far Apart

Whether or not we can travel freely come November, many families will still find themselves far apart for Thanksgiving.

But now, after months (and months) spent video chatting with friends and family, having a Happy Virtual Thanksgiving is not out of the question! And besides, most of us already spend at least part of Thanksgiving watching a (TV) screen while eating and drinking not such a stretch!

Once you've bridged the physical distance between you with video, we have a few ideas for how you can sew yourselves even closer together with DIY matching holiday decor!

DIY decor will not only make your home feel festive, but if coordinated to match with everyone else's homes who are also on video, it may help create an illusion of being in the same room! 

Here's what we mean:

Sew matching tablecloths, table runners, placemats, and napkins, so you feel like you're all sitting at the same table!

And how about cutting matching fabric to hang as backdrops to further enhance the feeling of sharing the same space?

Substitute fancier centerpieces this year with matching fabric feathered friends (aka turkeys) using a simple DIY pattern, so everyone has the same table decor.

If you really want to get creative (aka silly) with your sewing, you can make matching Thanksgiving hats or shirts (no one wears pants on video, right?) to top things off! 

>With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it's time to get sewing.

We like these fabrics for tablecloths, table runners, and backgrounds:

Freespirit Designer Solids  in Clay

Freespirit Designer Solids in Kumquat

Riley Blake - Scaredy Cat Pumpkin

We love these fabrics for accent pieces such as napkins, hats, tops, and of course...turkeys! 

Alexander Henry - Turkey's Day

Riley Blake - Give Thanks