KarenThinking of Halloween brings up some of my fondest childhood memories: making my Halloween costume with my mom. Yes, the candy was great, but the excitement and anticipation watching my costume come together stays with me still. An angel, Raggedy Ann, witch (good, of course), cheerleader, punk rocker (yes, I’m a child of the 80’s)…the list goes on! 

 I loved dressing up and once I was old enough to choose my own, I would contemplate my costume for months!!! Now it is so fun to talk about and plan my own family’s costumes. And I am feeling pretty accomplished with myself (LOL) that I already have everyone in the family on board with this year’s theme, including the boss, my 2 year old! 

 Whether we make the whole costume, or just small parts or props, I want my children to remember the holiday as fondly as I do — a big part of which is the process that leads up to the holiday itself. I want them to remember the time we spent deciding and making costumes together, and how much I enjoyed that time. 

Well, folks, don’t delay because it will be October 31st before you know it! Don’t let a homemade Halloween costume scare you, if you have been contemplating sewing, costumes are a great place to start. They do not have to be perfect and it is a fun and light holiday so you can have a good time with it — let your creative side run wild! Whether it is machine sewing, a needle and thread, or a hot glue gun, we can help your Halloween costume dreams come to life!  If you need one-on-one help, call the shop and we'll set up a time. We can’t wait to see what crafty ideas you all come up with this year! 


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