Go Green this Holiday Season with Wrapping Cloth!

Go Green this Holiday Season with Wrapping Cloth!

Say buh bye to wrapping paper and go green this holiday season with Furoshiki.

Furoshiki are traditional cloths the Japanese people have used to carry their belongings and wrap gifts for over 1200 years.

Giving a gift wrapped in Furoshiki signifies respect and imbues the gift with special meaning. And although Furoshiki dates back centuries, these decorative fabrics are newly popular outside of Japan as a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to paper wrapping.

We love the idea of creating beautiful wrapping with reusable, up-cycled fabric! Not only is it an excellent option for reducing holiday wrapping paper waste, it's also a fantastic way to give two gifts at once: the gift itself, and the fabric your giftee can use for projects or reuse as fabric wrapping.

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Of the hundreds of fabrics we have that are perfect for Furoshiki, we love these for spreading a little extra holiday cheer:

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